As an artist, I stay close to home. I make pictures that holds the moment. I edit and leave out that witch makes the rest make sense. The childhood interests me, its innosence and frailty, the shortest time, that leaves the deepest impressions.

Exploring different media, formats and teqniques, using fewer strokes, lines, surfaces or elements to tell the story more efficient is part of the procces.

In the center is the composition, the relation between motif, bagground, space, antispace and detail. The space in relation to the human, the human and the space as a composition. I am interested in the body as a landscape, the human as a phenomonon and the roles that we humans take upon us

I am interested in the portrait as a mirror for the universal or the common grounds. The artwork as an instant capture, a still of a person in the middle of its narration. I use the human as material, reduce, enlarge and deminish, to get to the final concentrate.

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